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Yasist Multifunction Robotic Auto Cleaner Vacuum

Market Price: CAD$ 399  Our Price:CAD$ 299
  • Cleans your floor automatically, it can pick up dirt, dust, pet hair and other debris that end up on your floor.
  • Auto charging with Remote Controller,Mop and UV Lamp
  • The robot will search intelligent charging base for recharging by itself when the power is about to run out.
  • It can be preset to work at the scheduled time of everyday, or self-start after full recharging.
  • Its compact size enables it to reach and clean under bed, sofa and other hard-to-reach places.
  • Wall-Following clean function provides a fantastic cleaning efficiency to the foot of wall and obstacle.
  • Stair avoidance detector
  • Self-rescue system, Edge cleaning program
  • Elastic bumper protect the surface of furniture and wall
  • Virtual Wall Detector enables the robot to clean the particular area you want to be cleaned.
  • Self-adjusting cleaning head to traverse different floors.
  • Combined sweeping bin and vacuuming bin that can be slide out easily.


  • Mop can do 360-degreen rotation,so that some hidden corner of the dust can also be cleared,such as:under the bed,table,sofa and so on place,and simple to clear
  • Easy to replace mophead
  • Super multi-purpose magic mop, not only for home use can also be used as car washing, washing windows, cleaning glass, etc.

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