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The Sunpentown AC-7014 is as they say, ahead of its time. It features all the bells and whistles that make the nerd in all of us quite happy. Let’s examine those features, shall we? There are 7 items within this air purifier working in perfect harmony to clean the air. It all begins with the pre-filter that catches and removes large particles from the air. Next up is the anti-bacterial filter which removes, you guessed it, bacteria from the air. HEPA backs up the first two stages to remove 99.5% of pet dander and other contaminants. ACtivated carbon is on deck to obsorb odors and unpleasant smells. Lastly, the TiO2 filter and UV light sterilize any remaining germs found in the air which leaves you with some extremely pure air to breathe. This air purifier is best in spaces up to 270 square feet and is available in two colors, white and moss green. The moss green color is a very light shade of green and a subtle difference from the white version.

• Pre Filter – removes larger contaminants from the air
• Antibacterial Pre Filter – First step in catching and neutralizing bacteria and microorganisms
• HEPA Filter – Removes 99.5% pet dander, pollen, dust from the air
• Activated Carbon Filter – removes odors due to smoke, pet and other household items
• TiO2 Filter and UV – This stage in the process creates a form oxygen that is strong enough to kill bacteria and unfavorable organic material that is present in the air
• ION Flow – Creates negative ions that draw in dust pollen and other allergens from the air

Model: AC—7014
Manufacturer: Sunpentown
Coverage up to 269 square feet
Height: 17.13” Width: 16.14” Depth: 6.89”
Weight: 9.48 lbs.
Input Voltage: 120V / 60Hz

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