Joyoung Soybean Maker(CTS-1098S) (Out of Stock)

Category: Soybean Milk Maker
By: Joyoung


  • Special Cooking Modes for Grains Paste and Other Recipes!
  • Durable Stainless Steel Interior; No Heating Tube! No Internal Filter To Clean, Making Clean-Up Easy!
  • Micro-computer Control, Totally Automatic Operation; Patent "Water Diversion Technology" with Raphael Meshwork; Six intelligent protection functions for safe operation
  • Makes up to 1.3 Liter of fresh milk from soy beans, rice, mung beans, corn and almonds




 Joyoung Soy Milk Maker CTS1098 is entirely automatic. After pouring in the ingredients, simply select the right function and button – and you can make all the kinds of milkshake, warm milk, fruit juice, soup, porridge or paste you want. The soy milk maker warms the beverage when you make soya bean milk, soup, porridge or paste, and remains cool when you want to make chilled fruit juice or milkshake. The soy milk maker is also able to make paste, milk or porridge from a variety of grains and beans, and is not limited to just soya beans. Need to wash the soy milk maker? Press the easy-wash button and cleaning of the soy milk maker is done automatically. It is that easy to use and that easy to clean.


Here’s a guide to selecting the various buttons on the soy milk maker:


A. Modes Of Operation in Making Soya Milk

Direction of Buttons: From Top to Bottom

1. 特浓 (EXTRA Fragrant):

Want to make extra thick, fragrant and aromatic soya milk for breakfast? This mode makes it possible for soya milk to be more fragrant by grinding soya beans for a longer period of time. Only available in Joyoung Soy Milk Maker CTS1098 and not in Joyoung Soy Milk Maker CTS1088.

2. 好豆浆 (Default):

This is the default mode for making soya milk – taking a shorter amount of time than the EXTRA Fragrant mode.

3. 快捷 (Fast):

Select this button if you want to make soya milk in the quickest speed possible. It speeds up the time needed to make soya milk, but sacrifices some texture and fragrance, when compared to the default mode and the EXTRA Fragrant mode.

- Reduce the risk of heart disease due to cholesterol free and high fiber.

- Reduce the risk of digestive disorders due to high fiber content.

- Dairy-free and ideal for people with lactose intolerance and milk allergies.

- Great for the dietary treatment of diabetes due to low glycemic index and cholesterol free

- Protein source in vegetarian diets containing the necessary amount of essential amino acids for tissue repair and growth.

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