KRUGER KS300i Auto-clean Range Hood (Stainless Steel)

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Market Price: CAD$ 599.00
Our Price: CAD$ 499.00
On Sale Price: CAD$ 329.00


  • Powerful and efficient
  • Chrome-plated buttons provides intuitive access and control
  • Powerful 650 CFM Ventilation Suction
  • Automatic cleaning and disinfecting 
  • Dual Halogen Lights 




Powerful and efficient.

The “ALTO S” is not aiming to be revolutionary, but evolutionary, bringing conventional designs to new heights. It was completely redesigned to make profound improvements over previous generations.

It uses thinner fan blades, shaving off weight to achieve improved centrifugal balance distribution and reduced vibration noise. At its heart, a 650 CFM motor consistently pushes between 2 to 8 cubic feet of air per second, efficiently removing smoke and odour from your stove top.

Additional features include an oversized, dishwashersafe, oil capture tray for your convenience and the INTELLICLEAN™ system, an intelligent internal cleaning and sanitization system proprietary to KRÜGER™ (only available to KS300i models) making the “ALTO S” that much stress-less and amiable.

Chrome-plated buttons provides intuitive access and control.

The chrome-plated buttons are clean and sleek. They are also easier to clean and operate than to touch sensors and other types of controls.

Powerful 650 CFM Ventilation Suction

The ALTO • Si is equipped with two turbo motor that is capable of 650CFM, to rapidly remove steam, fumes and odours.


Automatic cleaning and disinfecting at a push of a button has taken the market by storm. The proprietary INTELLI♦CLEAN™ uses a custom misting system to evenly distribute cleaning agents for improved soaking and cleaning. An enlarged capture tray is used to collect any residue and refuse.

Mini Drip Tray

For the KS300 and KS300i models, each filter has a mini drip tray to prevent grease build-up from dripping down.

Dual Halogen Lights

All KRÜGER kitchen ventilation comes equipped with dual halogen lighting. Illuminating your stove top so you can easily see how your cooking is coming along.


  • Net: 28 1/4" x 22 1/4" x 7"  
  •  Gross: 32" x 24 1/2" x 10"  
  • Weight Net: 36 lbs
  • Gross: 41.8 lbs


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