LIVEN Electric Baking Pan 2018D(s/s) (Out of Stock)

Category: Electric Baking Pan
By: Beijing Liren


  • Suspended structure and top plate can be flattened
  • Top and bottom plate has separate temperature control
  • Intelligent programs make it easy and convenient to cook different kinds of food
  • Top and bottom plate can work separately
  • Perfect for barbecue,pie,tortillas, frying fish, grilling prawns, etc
  • Non-stick coating plate, easy to clean
  • Over heating protective



The suspension structural design of this electric baking pan make it adapt to different thickness of the food. The top plate can not only work with the bottom plate at the same time, but also can be flattened to work separately. In addition, there is independent temperature control for top and bottom plate. So it is easy for you to cook more food on both top and bottom plate which is good for big family.

This electric baking pan (2018D) has the latest and advanced design: intelligent programs on the bottom plate make it easy and convenient for you to cook different kinds of food. You don't need to judge cooking time based on experience, the programs will control it after you press the button.

This multi-function electric baking pan can be used to barbecue(meat, sausage, kebab,etc),bake pie and tortillas, fry fish, grill prawns and so on.


Diameter:30 cm
Depth:1.5-3.0 cm
Preheating Time :4-5 minutes
Weight:5 kg

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