Yasist 3.6L Stainless Steel Electric Air Pot V2 (Out of Stock)

Category: Yasist Electric Air Pot
By: Yasist


  • Big capacity with 3.6L
  • 100% boiled water perfect for tea and instant coffee
  • 3 ways of dispensing water: electric water output, air pressure water output and cup-close water output
  • Special dry-boiling protection
  • 360 degree rotary base
  • Re-boil function
  • Auto cooling function


Not all of us are tea or coffee connoiseurs. We do not want to wait 5 to 15 minutes for water to boil before we can make our tea or coffee. We do not need freshly boiled water for our instant coffee or teabags - very hot water will do quite well. When time is a premium, having the use of Yasist Electric Airpot to give us hot water on demand is invaluable.

Once you fill the electric airpot with water, it will automatically 100% boil the water which is perfect for tea and instant coffee. In addition, it is very convenient for using. It has 3 ways of dispensing water:
  • electric water output by pressing the button on the top of electric airpot
  • air pressure water output
  • cup-close water output

If there is no water in the electric airpot, the dry-boiling prevention function will be started, the power supply will be automatically cut off for preventing overheat which may cause damages. After the temperature of the airpot drops, it will automatically power on.


Capacity:  3.6L
Power:      750W when boiling 35W when keep warm
Voltage:    110V / 60Hz

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