Tiger JKT-B18U Induction Heating 10Cups Rice Cooker

By: Tiger
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Product Description 

The technology for the Tiger Rice Cooker/Warmer was developed by combining electronic technology with the latest in heat retention technology which Tiger perfected in manufacturing of the vacuum bottle. The users of the Tiger rice cooker/warmer enjoy cooking their rice to perfection and can keep it warm and delicious for many hours.Tiger's philosophy stresses on 'beauty', 'joy', 'enjoyment' and 'warmth' and strives to improve the way of life all over the world.


  • IH (Induction Heating)
  • Cooking rice capacity: 10cups,1.8L
  • Five levels of structure crater heaters installed in a crater which convey heat directly
    Thickness 1.5mm far infrared rays coating, fluorine processing specifications
    With copper having high thermal conductivity, you can cook heat without an irregularity uniformly
  • Two thermal insulation setting functions(Steaming thermal insulation / glossy thermal insulation)
  • The reservation absorbing water timer deployment
  • Bath heater installed in a crater cleansed rice correspondence
  • Original clock timer
  • Steam cap I remove it, and to cut by circle washing
  • Various microcomputer cooking rice menu functions
  • At the time of GABA increase in quantity cooking rice course function (40%) unpolished rice cooking rice
    Polished rice, unpolished rice, steamed rice, takikomi gohan, rice gruel, scorched part Highway cooking rice
  • Power:AC:120V(A-Plug)
  • Capacity:1.8L
  • Made in Japan

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