LUV Backup Power PB01

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Market Price: CAD$ 49.00
Our Price: CAD$ 39.00


1.With high current battery and electronics, the LUV Power Air can charge your device at super-fast speeds. The  LUV Power Air has brains, beauty and brawn all in a compact size, metal hook – everything you’ve ever wanted from a travel companion.

2.This 4200 mAh device is compatible with just about any USB device. The High-density, high-output battery charges at up to 1 amp output. 

3.lithium polymer battery for more safety

4.Power display: 4 LED indicators shows power level, each represents 25% of battery usage

5.High-light injection surface treatment .




Product Specification  

Color: Black and White
Input: 5V-0.5A

Output: 5V-1A(Max.)

Self-Charging time: 3 hours

Product measurements:57(L)×57(D)×13(T)mm 

Weight : 45g

Products name: Power Seagull
Battery: Li-polymer
Capacity: 1300mAh/3.7V/4.8wh

LUV Power Bank mainly charge for Apple portable products. 

External /backup battery providing power for iPad, iPhone, iPod, Touch, Nano; Also can provide power for almost all smart phone such Nokia\MOTO\HTC, Blackberry, digital camera, MP3\MP4 Players, blue tooth, Digital Camcorders notebook, portable DVD, PDA, GPS and etc 

Model: LUV-PB01 

Market: High-end consumer electronics products 

Suitable customer: 
The digital fans who are pursuit for the Style life. 
Travel enthusiasts who are often go out Business man who pursuit for the convenient life. 

Special charging for the small and medium Power digital products, Greatly improve the Battery life of the portable digital products. 

Charge Object: All kinds of phones, MP3, MP4, blue tooth earphones, digital camera Laptop, video camera, portable DVD, PDA, GPS and so on.


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