YONGXIN Thermo Pot (7L) (Out of Stock)

Category: Thermal Cooker
By: YongXing


  • Inner Cooking Container with 2 inner pots to cook different foods at the same time
  • Preserves the taste of food and much more nutrients can be retained
  • Seasoning can be absorbed better
  • Good for maintaining temperature of food inside
  • Good for keeping food cool inside in the summer
  • Food never overcooked
  • Time and energy saving
  • Can be used outdoors as a lunch box or ice bucket


Thermo Pot utilize a high quality stainless steel inner pot enclosed inside a vacuum insulated stainless steel outer shell to broil soups or stews without the need for electricity or gas. Simply broil the inner pot on your stove and then place it inside the outer pot and it will continue to cook for 2-6 hours. Because after a short boiling period, the food can automatically continue cooking itself using the heat preserved inside. So it can be left unattended without fear of fire or boiling dry. Thermo Pot makes gourmet cooking easier, faster, and safer. It gives you delicious dishes using time saving and energy saving methods.

Since it can maintain temperature of food inside for 6 hours at 70 degree, so it is perfect for picnic. Since it also can keep food cool inside,  you can enjoy cool drinks outdoors in the summer by using it .

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